Year 3

yr3smallfinalWe will be following the following curriculum during the year.


Autumn Term: Sound and Light

Spring Term: electricity and Forces

Summer Term:  Recycling and Plant Life


In Art in the Autumn term, we are looking at Photography. The main focus will be important buildings in and around our town. We will be looking at examples of both old and new buildings, focusing on style and appearance.

Have a look at the links below:-

Photos of Llanelli – Francis Frith

Llanelli Pictures – Traveller Photos of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire …

In  the Spring Term, we are looking at Pablo Picasso.

Have a look at the links below:-


Autumn Term

In our R.E. lessons this term we will be focusing on Celebrations. We will look at both Christian and Jewish forms of worship.

Spring Term

In our R.E. lessons this term we will be looking at Ways and Places of Worship. We will be comparing the Jewish and Christian places of worship.

We will be looking at :-

Parts of a Church/Synagogue.

Items found within the buildings.

How each building is used for worship.

How and why we pray/worship.

The role of the vicar/rabbi.

We will also be going on a visit to a local Church.

For further information, follow the link below.


Over the year our main focus will be the Romans. We will be looking at this area in three week blocks each term.Hopefully, weather permitting we will go on a school trip to the Roman remains at Caerleon

To find out more click on the links below:

BBC – Primary History –

RomansCaerleon Past Present And Future Roman Isca Camelot of King …

The Roman Remains In Caerleon Legionary Fortress ISCA

Throughout the year we will also be looking at the History of Llanelli. We will be looking at areas such as:-

Llanelly House,  Llanelli Parish Church,  Llanelli Pottery,  Raby’s Furnace,  Parc howard.

The Howard family, the Stepney family and the Raby family.

Follow the links below to find out more.


Cyfres Babs a Benja

The Babs and Benja Series

  • Y Blwch Hud – The Magic Box
  • Hwyl mewn stori – Fun with stories
  • Sel Cist Car – The car boot sale
  • Gwyliau yn Sbaen – Holiday in Spain
  • Y Lleidr – The thief
  • Ser y Sgrin Fawr – Star of the big screen.