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Our current theme is All About Me

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The Foundation Phase – What is it?

The Foundation Phase is a new approach to learning for children from 3-7 years of age.  The Foundation Phase places great emphasis on children learning through doing.  Young children will be given more opportunities to gain first hand experiences through play and active learning rather than by completing exercises in books.  They will be given time to develop their speaking and listening skills and to become confident in their reading and writing abilities.

Mathematics will be more practical so that children can see how problems are solved and how important mathematics is in their everyday lives.  There will be more emphasis on children understanding how things work and on finding different ways to solve problems.

The curriculum will focus on experiential learning, active involvement and developing each child’s:

  • Skills and understanding.
  • Personal, social, emotional, physical and intellectual well being so as to develop the whole child.
  • Positive attitudes to learning so that they enjoy it and want to continue.
  • Self esteem and self confidence to experiment, investigate, learn new things and form new relationships.
  • Creative, expressive and observational skills to encourage their development as individuals with different ways of responding to experiences.
  • Activities in the outdoors where they have first hand experiences of solving problems and learn about conservation and sustainability.