Year 2

yr2smallfinalWelcome back to a new and busy year!

We have lots to do this term and lots of important events to enjoy. Year 2 is part of the Foundation Phase but it is also the time we prepare for the future in the Juniors.

Our topic this term will be Buildings and as part of this we will investigate buildings of the past, famous buildings around the world, castles, hospitals, museums and churches.

In Mathematical Development our focus will be on Tens and Units (numbers to 100), place value, addition and subtraction using 2 digit numbers, counting in 10s, money (shopping), Time, 2D shape, measuring length and Data Handling. Problem solving will also be a very important element in our work.

Language, Literacy and Communication

We will continue to use “Read Write Inc” as our primary method of teaching reading . This term we will also develop the use of punctuation, extend and enhance story writing through the use of a wider vocabulary as well as looking at how to use information books successfully.

Welsh Language Development

We have a strong Welsh ethos in Year 2 and Welsh is used on a daily basis in order for pupils to become familiar and confident with a range of vocabulary. Questions that they are encouraged to answer include

Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?                           –     Mae hi.n heulog.

Sut oedd y tywydd ddoe?                      –           Roedd hi’n ——-

Sut wyt ti?                     –       Rydw in hapus/drist/bendigedig/wedi blino

Oes brawd/chwaer/ci/cath gyda ti?       –          Oes/Nac oes

Wyt ti’n hoffi sglodion/ pêl droed/ dawnsio         –   Ydw, rydw i’n hoffi sglodion.


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